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Product Configurators: How To Win More Customers?

GeneralProduct Configurators: How To Win More Customers?

Product configurators allow manufacturers to modify existing products to fit specific customer requirements. The process of creating an end product is described, followed by option rules and calculations. It’s an effective method to help customers design and visualize your products. Nothing is worse than waiting weeks for a product customized to your needs only to have it arrive at the wrong place. With product configurators, buyers can view all options and feel confident before they click “Checkout”.

What Is A Product Configured?

Product configurators give eCommerce buyers the ability to customize many features of a product in the home furniture industry. This includes the option of choosing different fabrics, dimensions, sizing, or colors. D2C businesses can build trust with buyers through their eCommerce sites and generate sales that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to without visualization technology like product configurators.

Why Product Configurators Are Important In Ecommerce?

Here are some of the staggering statistics for product visualization before we go over the main advantages. Consider, for example:

  • 82% of visitors to product pages activate the 3D view.
  • Product configurators achieve 66% higher conversions than 2D solutions.
  • 3D product configurators can increase the likelihood of purchasing 11x.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these advantages for eCommerce now that you must be aware of:

Lower Returns

Customers who have requested personalized products may be less likely to return them. Firms that use configuration have seen their online returns drop by 80%. A customer who is an integral part of the building process can reduce the gap between disappointment and expectation. Personalizing the product builds an emotional relationship with it.

Increase Margins

A 3d product configurator can help increase your profit margins. In particular, you can charge more for your product. Bespoke product prices have seen a 30%-50% increase in price over their retail counterparts. Customers get the chance to create their product which increases customer loyalty, and also adds value.

Recognize Customer Needs

Companies will need to learn about the trends in customizations, footings, finishes, and fabrics that are most commonly used to make their products. Home furnishing firms can use product configurators for collecting metadata on each configuration. This will allow them to target customers according to their preferences and offer better selections. It’s possible to offer your customers experiences and products that they love.

Reduce Manufacturing Errors

Product configurators can be extremely useful for both the buyer and the manufacturer. Configurators enable customers to create custom products. They also help reduce manufacturing errors and save money. Each order has its metadata, which is stored and makes sure that each specification matches the original.

Every Lead Deserves A Personalized And Unique Experience

In the early days of eCommerce, there was no barrier to entry. Today, online shopping is big and brick and mortar retailers are moving to online shops. The home furnishings industry has many standard items, so it is crucial to create unique products and experiences. It is vital to be among those early adopters who use configurators for online shopping.

Increase Your Revenue And Sales

This 3d product configuration software helps to equalize the playing fields for both small and large companies. This tool aims to increase company revenue using 3D and other digital assets. This versatile tool allows users the ability to create products with 3D elements. The functionality of a 3D source allows for flexibility. It offers important features, such as rules-based settings, real-time product visualizations, and cost and pricing calculations. It is possible to create both 2D and 3D drawings.

Customer Experience Enhancement

3D software configured integrations product visualization and augmented reality to enhance customer experiences as much as possible. It allows businesses the ability to create a user-centric environment and scale it according to their requirements. Customers can control the product’s design throughout the purchase process using the 3D configurator. Real-Time Product Visualization allows customers to choose the color, shape, material, or accessory they desire.

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